Sometimes Things Work Differently

When I knew Mike’s knee replacement surgery was scheduled for April 1, I made my mental list of all I wanted to accomplish while off work to be with him.    I should have known better.  Never.make.a.plan.

I stayed in the hospital at Holston Valley  each night and most of each day.  I came home once and showered.   This wasn’t so bad since he checked in on Monday (really early…like 5:15 am), and we were headed home by 4:30 pm on Wednesday.    Upon our arrival home, we switched up all the sleeping arrangements; and, somehow, in a house with three bedrooms, a sofabed in the den, and a blow up mattress for emergencies–and just two people– I ended up in the living room on the couch (not a sofabed).    I’ve been there every night until last night.  Suffice it to say, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for two weeks.  Last night was THE night to get back to a real bed, and then it stormed and Gracie, who is afraid of storms, started whining and shivering.   I got on the floor –with my pillow–and slept on the dogbed with her.   We’re both tired today.

I couldn’t NOT do this.  Yesterday was a hard day for this dear girl.     She panted all Monday night and she fell.   Twice.  Mike looked at me and said “I don’t want her in pain.”   I watched her all night.  I texted Dr. Steve in the early, early morning hours and told him that I thought it was the day.   He said to meet him at 9:30 am at the practice.

The day.  The day Gracie would no longer limp.   The day I would no longer have my dog after this 15-year love affair we have shared.   Spending time with this dog was one of the primary reasons I wanted to work less.    It’s the reason my house is a mess with scatter rugs all over the hardwood since she can’t stand on a slippery floor.

Gracie Walking 1

Dr. Steve understands this, and he did not want her to have to walk on the slippery floors in the practice, so he asked me to keep her in the truck.  He came out and listened to her heart.  She looked directly in his eyes.  He said “Eva, today is not the day.  Let’s take her out of the truck and watch her walk.”   She walked about…he looked in her mouth…felt of her many lumps…pressed on her tummy.    We are no longer focused on fixing Gracie — we want her to be comfortable.   She was dehydrated and she was a little sore.

We headed home.  We have some additional medication for Gracie, and she’s eating well and drinking a lot of Pediatric Electrolyte mixed with organic chicken broth.    She’s back to barking at me and wanting to ride in the truck.  And eat cookies!

I like this picture.   I took it over the weekend; and in it, she doesn’t look like a 15-year old dog.   You can still see that she was very athletic.  She was such a swimmer and runner.  She was always my snuggler.

Beautiful Gracie

Do dogs go to heaven?




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  1. Yes, Eva, I think dogs go to heaven. So glad you have her for a little while longer. (Scarlett, our dog, slept with us last night.)

  2. Heather Buchanan says:

    Love and prayers for all of you. Casper was upset last night too. I hope you have as much time as possible with her. She has been SO blessed to have someone as loving and caring as you to share her life with. I am sure dogs go to heaven. God tells us heaven is perfect, and for people like us nothing could be perfect without our critters.

    • Heather,
      Thank you to her other “mama”. There was “Peaches”…her doggy mama, then you, and then me. We are so glad you were in the Golden Retriever business at that time.

  3. Eva, I honestly believe all dogs go to Heaven. I know what it’s like to watch a dog grow old and not get around well, but they are still you’re baby, you don’t want to loose them. May Gracie have many more comfortable years ahead of her. She looks adorable and she has a GOOD mother, she’ll do fine!

    • Thank you Judi. If we just have a few more comfortable weeks, we’ll be grateful. You are exactly right — they are always our babies.

  4. Pat Gardner says:

    I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t the day.

    • Pat, thank you. When Mike got home from his surgery, I needed to sleep near him but not in the same bed. However, I could not sleep in the other bedroom that was close to the bedroom we set him up in because Gracie can’t get there and she cries when she can’t sleep near me. So, I thought I’d sleep on the couch for a few nights which she can get to on the “train” of scatter rugs I got at Lowe’s about six months ago. Somehow, she decided she LIKED sleeping in that room and this has resulted in my staying on the couch. We’re back camping tonight. I said I wasn’t going to do it again, but after the scare earlier this week, I can do it a big longer. There is no panting…only the restful snoring of my old, dear dog. I know you know what I mean. I love her so much.

  5. Love and cherish each day….I still miss my girl horribly….

  6. Laura Cecil says:

    I am so glad for you and Gracie as well… I am a huge animal lover and I understand that your dog(s) are a part of your family. 🙂

    • Thank you Laura. We have the animal thing in common. They are gifts form God, aren’t they? She’s right here beside me as I type this. 🙂

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