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Next Wednesday I am off and I’m taking my camera with me to see (and maybe help a little) the progress of the Mendota Cemetery Quilt.  I’ve heard it called “stunning.” 

Quilting fills so many roles in a rural life.   It’s a necessity, an art, a magnificant gift, a frusteration, and a great way to raise money.  Everyone could use a good quilt, and most everyone can spare a dollar for a chance on a quilt.

In just a few weeks, this sweet quilt will find its way home with someone.  It was quilted by Ruby Smith.  Ruby is 96. She was my mother’s dearest friend.    I “sharpened” this image.  Look closely.  Tiny, perfect stitches by a hand that has known 96 years on this earth. 

Goodson Kinderhook Fire Department Quilt

All of the proceeds will benefit the Goodson Kinderhook Volunteer Fire Department.  No matter how you vote, who your family is,  whether you talk Yankee or Southern, or whether you go to this church or that church, if you smell smoke, you’re going to call 911.   Following that call, as soon as humanly possible, a big red truck with the sole purpose of putting a fire out– or  saving your life or even sometimes your pet’s life, is going to pull in your driveway.    

Please help us raise money for the the Goodson Kinderhook Volunteer Fire Department.  Tickets for this quilt are $1.00 each.  Please consider buying….just $5.  If you live a long ways off, please still consider buying the tickets.  If you send me your address, I’ll send you the tickets with a self addressed stamped envelope for you to return your check and the stubs for drawing back to me. 

If you live nearby, yet it’s still not convenient for you to hook up with me, just send me your address.   We’ll do the same as if you live outside the area. 

I would love to sell 100 chances on this quilt.  Please help me. 

Thank you.



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  1. I’m not having a lot of luck wih my tickets. Ruby’s stitches are so SMALL. I would quilt IF I could quilt like that!!

    We do need to support them and hope and pray that we never need them.

  2. Thanks Eva and Patsy for helping sell these tickets and all you are doing to help. People of the community also need to know that it is also this department that comes out if they need an ambulance or have emergency medical needs. They also help in other ways in the community that the people may not even think about.
    This quilt drawing will be held during our Family Fun Night on March 9th at Valley Institute School. We will be having a hot dog supper, bingo, cake walk, cake auction, and silent auction. Again, all proceeds for this benefit the Goodson Kinderhook Volunter Frie and Rescue.

    • Dianne…

      Thank you! They do an AMAZING job!

      You forgot to say it is fun. Do you recall when we brought our granddaughters and one made out like a bandit? I had thought we’d miss this year because of Mike’s knee surgery but as the surgery was postponed, we can now make it.

  3. Mary Ann…thank you!! Ten going out from the Mendota Post Iffice in the morning!

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