Yummy Crock Pot Potato Soup

Why did I even mention recipes on this blog?  I am a very lame cook.   Left to me, I’d eat at Wendy’s all the time.  I love their chili.

However, I must soldier on.    Last week I showed you a picture of this…

Here’s the recipe.   If I can make it, anyone can!

Six potatoes, peeled and cubed

Two onions, chopped

One rib celery, sliced

Two carrots, sliced

One teaspoon dried parsley

Five cups chicken stock (I normally Swanson’s chicken broth)

One teaspoon salt

One fourth teaspoon black pepper (or to taste)

One third cup butter

One 13-oz can evaporated milk

Chopped chives

Two cups cheddar cheese (use for heavy garnish once the soup is made)

Combine all ingredients except milk and chives in crockpot.  Cover and cook on low 10-12 hours or high 4 hours.  Add milk and chives.

Add a couple of tablespoons of cheddar cheese to each bowl served.

I’ve made this several times and always like it.  However, last Tuesday, I was in a hurry and I did not peel the potatoes, as the recipe instructs.   This didn’t work as well as when I follow the directions.  The other thing I did which I wish I had not done was replace the chicken stock with water and four chicken boullions.  It wasn’t as good. 

I’m not a good improviser.

Does anyone have any recipes for meals that can be frozen ahead of time?  Especially soups?





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  1. OK sounds great! I’m gonna try it for sure. When do you wanna do lunch? I can come to Bristol if needed, same distance for me. I’m off Mondays and Fridays….let me know when you can meet!! I misssss youuuuuu!!!!

  2. what are your favorite potatoes to use? did you puree or serve as is?
    Yummy, sisters await answers so they can make!

    • Helene…there is only one kind of potato in my world. Yukon gold. Serve as is! THe only thing I didn’t make clear is that the cheese is for a garnish.

      THank you for reading!

  3. I’ll give it a whirl. See what Billy has to say about it. I’ll leave out the celery though.

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