Sweetie Pi

It’s time to start putting birdseed in the feeders!

Feeding the Birds in Mendota

And, for the first time ever on this blog, enters Sweetie Pi the Cat! I mentioned the “bird” word and she could not resist.

Sweetie Pi Posing for the Camera

She’ll be watching that bird feeder!

From Sweetie Pi and me, thank you for reading the blog. We are sitting on the couch…purring and typing.

Is typing the right word? Maybe I should have said “keyboarding” or “keying”?

Sounds strange.


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  1. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Please don’t say keyboarding, which makes no sense to me. Typing is fine. One of my piano students would say she was confused because she just came from keyboarding class, and I would think, “But we’re playing a keyboard now.”

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