Mendota Daily September 17

Happy Monday evening!   I started back on my weight loss which basically I’ve learned means walking every day. If I walk every day, I lose weight. It’s been less about what I’m eating — although I have been watchful — and more about these feet hitting the road every morning.

Anyway, this morning  I walked two miles, came home and showered and headed out. When you live 17 miles from a retail store, trips count! I had the following “mental list” as I headed out….Hancock Fabrics (40% coupon in hand); TJ Maxx (cute black jeans in mind); Hobby Lobby (40% coupon in hand); Whitney’s Closet (15 consignment items to drop off); Salvation Army (stuff to donate); Target (exchanged a shower curtain); nail salon for manicure; dry cleaners; and finally, My Pal Walmart! I started in Kingsport…looped around to Bristol and then home. Whew! It was 3:00 pm when I pulled into the garage.

I bought a few items to work on fall decor projects. Other than the gazillion gourds that are everywhere, I haven’t done as much as I thought I’d have done by now.   While I’ve already shown you the foddershocks I cut from the corn patch,  I didn’t show you what they look like with a few mums tucked in here and there. I just can’t keep from glancing over at it. So simple and so pretty.

I also made a wreath.

 I started not to show it to you because I’m not 100% happy with it. It’s in puberty. It has two little orange boobies that keep staring at me everytime I look at the door. 

I  tried to make a wreath that was more organic than what I’ve been seeing.   I used ribbon, burlap, Spanish moss and Indian corn.  However, I needed the little pumpkins (which are absolutely nonorganic).   I really needed three, but I only had two so that’s what I used. 

Should I add another pumpkin or just put a bra on the door?

Here’s another thing that reminds me of fall.  Soup.   I made soup last week to take to a family member who has been ill and is now recovering.  Bread, soup and a bit of our honey.    I think that bringing food to someone who is ill, lonely or sad is one of the best ways to say you care.  

I’m having a perfect evening watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with my  Gracie Dog beside me.   My sister lost her beloved Bailey Dog and it’s reminded me that my time with this dear girl is short.    She is on the couch and I can reach out and touch her every few minutes. 

Mike is in the kitchen messing around. 

I love the sweetness of normal.



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  1. Eva, I personally would like to see a bra on your door. To be honest though, I like the two little pumpkins.

    • Well, I went out and held a pencil underneath the punkins. It fell to the ground, so I think they are going to continue to go braless. I’m just wondering what they will look like when they get cold!!

  2. Still love the fodder/lamp post. Haven’t gotten to mine yet. And yes, one more pumpkin or even a small gourd please! LOL!

    • Hey Workin’ Girl! I agree…things should always be in threes. Actually the corn was the THIRD item but that didn’t work out too well.

  3. Michelle Woodward says:

    I have to tell you, you crack me up I love reading your blog because you are very creative and entertaining. Loved the pumpkin boobs yes I would add one more pumpkin, but if you get a bra make sure its in fall colors.

    • Smoooch! Thank you Michelle for your nice words. I left you a private email but basically, my head is now so big that I’ll never get it in the bed tonight!

      Thanks a million for reading RiverCliff Cottage. Eva

  4. Sue Cressel says:

    Well, better start running because tomorrow you come to work at the “FAT FARM” LOL….Can’t wait for you to put some of this energy and talent in to my business.


  1. […] and it was hard to find a fall wreath that I liked, so I made one.  You can read about that here.     One of the most fun fall projects was making fabric pumpkins.  That post did not get the views […]

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