Checking Off The List!

Did you have a great Labor Day?   It was overcast and rainy in Mendota, so we stayed inside.    Actually, we celebrated by going to my favorite place!  Lowe’s!  However, we didn’t get there.   We ended up at Home Depot.  I feel so dirty…slutty…for stepping out on My Love like that.    However, I wasn’t driving and had no control.    Forgive me Lowe’s!   You are my one True Love. 

I am not a list maker. I didn’t make a real list today, but I made a virtual list! I always have a list in my head. Today’s list went something like this…

1) Walk
2) Shower
3) Get more chalkpaint
4) Scrub porch
5) Finish organizing guest bedroom closet
6) Take stuff over for the September 8 Washington County Volunteer Fire Department’s yard sale…

I did them all, almost. I didn’t get the yardsale stuff delivered, but I have a good excuse as I’m still adding things to it.

Here’s the closet as it looks right now. Remember, this is Phase I.   I know it’s not over-the-top impressive but I am pleased with the progress.

If you are totally unimpressed, please remember my starting point…

It was a wreck.  I opened the door and that little pile of fabric fell on the floor…kind of like it jumped to its death due to its terrible living conditions.   I’d just shoved it in there in a busy moment.   Sorry.

I now have two of the Little Debbie boxes all painted up with ribbons  in the top of the closet. If you did not read last night’s post talking about the Little Debbie boxes  you may do so here.  These were so easy.  I’ve got some flannel linens in one that are so bulky that they do not fold well, and the other one that says “Bingo” houses prizes I’ve collected for a future Mendota Cemetery Bingo.   Before, they were just stuffed here and there.  Embarassing.  Do other people have closets that look like this?

Whew…while my list was not long, I’m tired tonight.   Tomorrow I’m going to take 15 items to Whitney’s Closet in Kingsport for consignment (15 is the most without an appointment that I can take over for review). I’ve also go to start working on my Barbie cake for Saturday’s Mendota Heritage Festival.  And a zillion other things!


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  1. Organizing brings order and with all you put your heart and soul into, it sounds like you are moving down a creative, fulfilling path.

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