I Love Chalk Paint

I am in love.  With chalk paint.   It’s less than $5 per can at Lowe’s.  

I went on a chalkboard tear today.     Do you recall this picture (below) which was in my dining room before we painted?  Oh look…who on earth allowed that cat to get on the kitchen countertop???

This was a nice picture but I needed a chalkboard for my kitchen.     I thought about selling the picture at a future yardsale, but that was before I discovered Chalk Board Paint.   Glass can be sprayed just like anything else, and this picture was just the right size for my new chalkboard.    

After taping the picture frame so it won’t turn to chalkboard too, we went down to Mike’s shop for spraying.   Mike got curious and just had to take over the spraying.  Here he is spraying two pictures that are destined to be future chalkboards.

I put two coats on each chalkboard.     Here’s one of the finished chalkboards….

We’re having a birthday celebration for our neighbor Helene.  We’ll prop this birthday chalkboard birthday card outside where everyone can see it.  It’s her first birthday in Mendota!

I made these little chalkboards (out of 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 picture frames) to let everyone attending the birthday celebration know that drinks are in one area and desserts in another area. 

The neatest thing is that they wipe clean. 

Here’s another chalkboard project…

This one is a little different.  The glass was chipped on a small 4 x 6 picture frame.  I needed some accessories for the foyer, and I wanted to use what I had vs. buying something. 

 So…I decided it was a candidate for a chalkboard with an initial on it.   My high tech work center was the yard and an old newspaper.   Could not be easier.

You can really see the broken corner in this picture.  I wasn’t sure it was going to work. 

But it did!  

Hope you have enjoyed my chalkboard projects.  Fun, cheap and easy.  

I’ll be returning with a new post on Monday.  What are your plans for the weekend?   I think we are getting a break on the much-needed rain we’ve recently enjoyed, so tomorrow will be a day to work in the yard.   I also want to push forward to getting the pantry back together. 







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  1. Love your framed chalkboards! Did you write on them with colored chalk or one of those chalkboard pens?

    Also, have you seen the burlap curtains in the Ballard Designs catalog? I just put some of those in my bedroom. They are lined. They did have an unpleasant odor at first, but it went away pretty quickly.

    I love your blog and look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Jenny!

      THank you so much for reading the blog!! It’s fun to hear from people. To answer your first question, I tried using just regular chalk and it was too pale and dusty so I ordered some liquid chalk markers which work like markers but wipe clean like regular chalk. They are very easy to use and have a lot of color. I wish I had your handwriting skills.

      For another project which will be on the blog in a day or two, I used just a white liquid marker. It’s where I made small jelly jars into spice jars, chalk sprayed the lids and wrote the name of the spice on them. It is permanent but I didn’t care since I can just respray with chalk paint when I make a mistake, and THAT marker was 97 cents whereas the liquid chalk was about $20 for seven or eight markers.

      I want to see your burlap curtains! I looked at Ballard’s and it was my inspiration along with a couple I saw on blogs.

      Jordan’s future inlaws were very nice!

  2. Thanks for the info about the markers. I think the chalkboards would be something I could use in my classroom. Also, you see them at WEDDINGS.

    We appreciate you making Rosie and Maggie feel so welcome. They loved the apartment and enjoyed talking with you. Maggie was particularly impressed with the shoe storage.

    Of course you can come by and see the curtains. Just a thought – have you ever considered lace curtains? My grandmother always had lace curtains in her dining room.

    • Jenny,

      I am going to try to spray paint Avery labels tomorrow with the chalkboard spray. I have no idea if it will work. I will let you know, as removable chalkboard labels would be a good idea to use in the classroom. Old magnets could also be chalkpainted.

      Re: the wedding…our daughter in law in SC is very crafty and has the schoolteacher handwriting that you have. She was asked by a neighbor who had a farm wedding to do “menus” for the after-wedding reception which was held outside. They had the food at the reception displayed as if at a Farmer’s Market” and she did the chalkboard menu signs for each part of the “market”. One farmer (really a caterer) had ham biscuits, one had drinks, etc. It turned out very nice. She hunted around and bought pictures that were big and ugly for very little money to use to be repurposed as chalkboards.

      I loved Maggie and Rosie. They were so nice! Please tell them hi!

  3. Love, Love, Love the chalkboard “pictures”. They came out so cute! Is that special chalk on them-it looks like paint.

  4. Love, Love, Love the chalkboard “pictures”. They came out so cute!
    Helene’s party was wonderful-I’m sure you had alot to do with that.
    Any news for “The Villager”? – Hey, you can blog about that.


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