Burlap Window Treatments – Or Not!

It is a rainy day (thank goodness) — a good day to get this dining room in my rear view mirror.

I’ve made some burlap window treatments for this room.   What do you think?

I want to be honest. While I like the filtered light and the overall look, I’m not loving it in my dining room.   They close the room up.  I feel like I’m in a little terracotta cave.  I’m not a hobbit!

I’m not knocking burlap drapes…they are all over the blogisphere.  However, most room updates are using more neutrals whereas I’ve stayed with the jewel tones.   If my dining room had been pale blue or a soft white, the burlap drapes would not have made it feel so closed. 

Here’s what I did have up in this room.  I put one up for comparison.  

Swags are not the “in” thing right now, but I like the amount of light they let in.  I’m starting to think I want them back up.   I also like the black (gotta have a little black in every room).   I think I’m going to fold the burlap panels up and maybe use them at Christmas when I’m feeling more snuggly.

Update about three hours later: I did exactly that. I put the burlap panels in a bag and stuck it in the closet. I’ll find another use for them.

Here’s the dining room, finished except for hanging the picture…

You’ve heard the expression “there’s an elephant in the room?”   There’s a rooster in this room.   I know I’ve got a rooster on top of the hutch and that it might need to roost somewhere else, but this is not a serious dining room, so the rooster can stay for a while longer.

Here’s what this room looked like before….back when it was bleeding dragon’s blood…

 What a mess this room was in when I took the picture.  Shock!!  That never happens!   Note the dog bed in the doorway.  🙂

And here’s another “after” picture from a different view…

 I like it!   Mike will hang the picture later tonight.   Those are gourds from the garden on the table.  I’ll be gourding my whole house during the next few weeks.

My next project will be the kitchen.   I’ve already painted a bit and I’m taping the baseboards tonight.  



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  1. WOW, What a difference a coat of paint makes. I liked the burlap, I wonder what a swag made out of that materiel would look like. I love your ideas.

    • DeeDee…A swag might be pretty…I would have been headed in that direction if I had hated my old ones. They where whispering to me all along that they didn’t want to be put in a bag in the closet, so that weighed quite a bit. I’ll loan my four panels to you if you want to try to swag ’em around!

      The paint made a huge difference. How things change! I remember feeling all smug about that barn red when it went on. Now, I look at it and it’s “WHAT WAS I THINKING????”

      • I wanna know how you get your floors so shiny. What do you use to clean them? They look beautiful.

        • I might have responded to this twice. I have to approve of my own comments. I guess if I went crazy and cussed I’ll have an opportunity to change my mind!!

          Anyway, my comment was that it’s Orange Glo. I get it at Walmart!

  2. Jackie McCrary says:

    I love burlap…I would have liked the curtains more if they were more tailored. I bought some great green lamps at a thrift store a while back. I have bought several lamp shades and returned them because they weren’t just right. I decided I wanted burlap shades and after many nights on the internet, I finally ordered some burlap drum shades. They are perfect. I found a site or two that had a video demonstrating covering old shades with burlap….decided I didn’t want to try that. You have the burlap…….maybe you would like to give it try.

    • Hi Jackie…thank you for commenting and for reading the blog. You can’t imagine how much it means to me to hear from someone from the past. I’ve looked at the burlap drum shades, too, but I have not bitten. You are right, though, I could try it since I have…oh 13 yards of burlap stashed in the closet.

      I remember when I never thought of going into a thrift store or even TJ Maxx…where was my head? I wasn’t a snob…I just didn’t know they existed. A complete change of heart.

      I’ve thought about asking people to photograph their room or their “find” and send to me for sharing. What do you think of that? It’s not a very original idea, but I love looking at other people’s ideas.

      • Was it easy to work with? Is it stinky? Can you press it? I was thinking of something a little “crisper” for me but not sure. If you’d had about 24 yds I would take it from you and try to make roman shades for my Kitchen with it. Maybe I’ll head to the fabric store and see what kind of goodies they have there.

        • Stunk like the devil. I Fabreezed heavily and hung on the clothesline for three days. Finally, on the third day, the stench disappeared. I have four panels and you are welcome to them. Just let me know. I got them at Hobby Lobby and the sides are fringed.

  3. Ok….so I’m thinking I like the burlap idea…the treatment may not have been right though. Burlap isn’t a breezy material so the style just wasn’t on target. But I really don’t think they were all that bad…just different. Maybe you could try extending the curtain panels beyond the window on the sides. Just let the edge of the fabric touch the edge of the window. This exposes the whole window and also gives the burlap a background of the wall so it doesn’t look so gauzy…just thinking…..You could also think about sewing a black strip of material down the insides of the panels to give them more body and that touch of black you love (would tie in with table, chairs, and the rods).

    • You are so good….however, as the evening goes by, I find myself getting past my burlap phase for dining room window treatments! Maybe this winter I’ll revisit..maybe I’ll have you help me 🙂

      • Hahaha! You saw something shiny out of the corner of your eye and have moved on to other things! I would love to help when you decide to revisit burlap!!

  4. Pat Gardner says:

    I think going back to the swags was the right choice. I didn’t like the look of burlap. I don’t care who likes it on the blogesphere. If it isn’t right for your space, it isn’t right. The room looks updated, fresh and just right. “You done good.”

  5. Mary Rossie says:

    I prefer your swags to the burlap…..good decision. For a “less” formal look, I love what people have been doing with tobacco cloth for window treatments. Have you seen pictures? I know you know what tobacco cloth is. They sale it at the feed stores….I understand that a lot of people are using it for weddings instead of tulle.
    BTW – you are having waaaaay too much fun. I really miss you!

    • I have and I love it…I have mine in the barn now I was using last year on raised beds.

      I am having fun. I am sure glad I have left the dining room! Miss you too.

  6. Terri McCroskey says:

    Well, I was coming back on here to tell you to leave the burlap until the morning to see if you liked them better the next day! Guess I am a little late. The room looks good. I can also see some whispy white panels, sheer, maybe with a like valance. Open the windows and let them blow in the breeze!

    • I think you are right…I am going to leave the room alone for a bit (’cause i am stink’ sick of it) but maybe something tobacco cloth draped around.

      Thank you for reading!

  7. WOW…I love this blog and your home is just beautiful…



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