Patriotic Apron Giveaway

Mendota’s Katie Harris made this patriotic apron for some lucky little girl to wear.   If you’d like a chance to win this apron, just leave a comment to this post sharing your plans for Independence Day.  Simple!   Your comment must be submitted by 10 pm on Tuesday, July 3.  I’m downloading a little gizmo that will randomly pick one comment which will be the lucky winner.  I’ll notify the winner by email and on the post which will be placed online after 10 pm on Tuesday, July 3.  I’ll mail the apron to the winner.  Easy.  And fun!

On Saturday, Katie had her store open from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm.   The building has  been in her family for over 40 years.   I believe she is calling the store…”The Store.”    Here’s a picture…

I hope that at some time the store will be open on a regular basis, but at present, Katie opens it when she can…when she has some extra time.  When she’s there and the store is open, she occasionally provides refreshments.  Lemonade.  Muffins.  Beans and cornbread.  It feels like you are visiting someone in their home but you handle all of their furnishings and accessories!

I have history tied to the store.  When Katie’s father operated the store, he called it Benfield’s Store, and my mother worked there.  It sold sodas, bread, milk, gas…all of the things that a country story sold in the 1970’s.   The Benfield girls, Katie and Lisa, and I got off the  school bus at the store.   Mom would give me a bag of chips and a Ginger Ale which was in a small glass bottle at that time.   She’d ring me up with the old-fashioned cash register that went “Cha-Ching!”      After our snack, we girls would head to the back of the store and play Rook with our friends.   What memories!

Going back many years further, my father helped make the block for the original store site.  He was paid 10 cents per block.  I can imagine his hands…young at that time…working.    Here’s a picture.

Inside the store, there’s little vignettes of things Katie loves.   She’s uncomfortable charging her friends,  but I’ve assured her she’ll get used to it.  We want the store to be open, so we want to be customers as well as friends.

Getting ready for July 4…

Katie has an eye for making things pretty.  This kerosene lamp is a good example.  In Mendota, we all have kerosene lamps as our power goes off frequently.  As I write this, thousands are without power in Virginia following the June 29 storm.  I wonder…do they have kerosene lamps?

Here’s something that Katie and her grandson made.  It’s a birdbath made from a plate and a vase.  Very clever and a good project for little hands.

Also on Saturday, I continued working on my dining room.  It’s going nightmarishly slow…

Here’s another.  Looks like the Charles Manson murders took place here.

We are anxious to get this room done and put back together.  We had a delay because Mike went out of town this weekend to see the Atlanta Braves with his son and grandson.  He had a great time, and it was worth it, but it’s back to work!

Hope you enjoyed visiting The Store.  I also hope I have a new/old dining room tomorrow evening when I post.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I had over 50 views on one of the posts last week.   Many thanks!  Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested and keep it growing.  You have my appreciation.





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  1. Oh wow. Love the history on the little store. So delightful!

  2. Mary Beaule says:

    I want a patriotic apron!!

    I can’t believe you are painting the dining room terra cotta…I too am over the red in my dining room and that’s kinda what I was thinking of doing! So I’m glad I get to see how yours turns out, and if it sucks, I’ll do something else!! Haha:).

    Happy Fourth to y’all!!

    Love MaryB
    Lovable relative of aforementioned blogger Eva

    • It’s funny but when you are over the red, you’re over it!! I am liking the terracotta, and enough of it is up to know that it works well. I’d forgot I have a hair appt in the afternoon tomorrow and Luckie has a vet appointment in the morning, so it will probably be Wednesday evening before we can say we are through. I’ll post a picture of the finished product when it finally gets done.

      I think by the time you visit, everything will be finished on the first floor of this house except the master bed and bath and the powder room.

  3. Mary Ann Howell says:

    Eva, I love your blog. Hearing about life in Mendota makes me want to live in the country. I marvel at yours and Mike’s talent and creativity in renovating your house. And, your talent at blogging!

    • Mary Ann
      What a nice comment! We are working hard but we’re very slow, and I’m a terrible painter..Mike is picking up the slack in that department. We’ll be moving into the kitchen and living room next week with our work. Please stay with me and encourage! I need it!

  4. Guess the creeping vine lost the terra cotta battle? 🙁 It’ll look just fine I’m sure – tho I suspect we’re similar in the fact that one project will lead to about 3 others! We’ve finished the parlour, almost finished the family room, working on the kitchen…and will likely hit the dining room soon as well. 1st floor almost done! Next is Sam’s room and the basement. Geena says we’ve figured out a visit time? Yay! We’re off to Florida this week and are all very excited. Been 3 months since baby kisses and we’re all going through withdrawals. Hope Luckie’s appt goes well tomorrow and we’ll see you soon.

    • Virginia Creeper creeped out. We hope to finish tomorrow. I have a surprise finish for the dining room that I’m excited about. I should have pictures posted of it by Saturday. Next…onto the kitchen. I’ve already got my kitchen window treatments made and you would gasp at what I paid for them — in a good way. Amazingly affordable.

      I still don’t have the exact date so if Geena knows it, she better share. Look forward to seeing them very much.

      Thank you for reading the blog and good luck on the apron! Safe travels and enjoy spending time with JT and family!

  5. I remember how lovely Grace Hammond was in her Christmas apron made by Nancy and how proud.
    Independence Day in Mendota means a day spent in gratitude. So many influences, responsibilities and opportunities shape what I take for granted in an anxious world.

  6. Another beautiful your blog…I want to come visit the store when I come up there…all so beautiful!!! So thankful this 4th of July weekend for freedom to go where ever we want in this country and blessed to have such beauty in this area to take in….Have a great 4th of July…..and celebrate the freedom we enjoy …..

  7. Emily Fleenor says:

    I enjoyed reading all your commets.. I am going to spend my July 4th with family…..

    • Emily
      Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 4th of July! You will be entered in the contest for the little apron. Good luck!

  8. Terri McCroskey says:

    I will be spending the 4th of July with the husband and friends riding the hills and valleys of Virginia and North Carolina on our Honda GoldWing. How lucky am I…… lucky are we all, to live in America! God is so good.

    P.S. to MaryB. go back and leave a comment on your PLANS for the 4th..gotta have a little competition! lol

    • Hi Terri
      I hope you have a great time riding the Honda GoldWing! Check back tonight after 10 and see if you won! Thank you very much for reading my blog!

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