Gracie’s Ramp

Our “dear girl” Gracie Barker Beaule is a 12-year old Golden Retriever.   She’s lost a lot of her long hair on her tail, but she’s still pretty.  I love her little white face.

She has arthritis in her back legs and hips. She can barely bend her back legs and going up and down the two steps that are required for her to enter or leave our house has become extremely difficult. She managed an awkward “hop” going down, but I worried that she would break her leg or her hip.

However, my husband and brother in law built her a ramp. Check this out:


She goes up and down with ease. I’m convinced this has added months to her life (and such a precious life it is).

Of course, there’s always something.  In this case, it’s Sam the Sinister Cat who still worries her.  He gets under the ramp, and like the little troll he is, he jumps out and scares Gracie.

He has a bad reputation for doing these things.  Look at this…

MOST WANTED!! Sam The Sinister Cat

He’s on the Mendota, Virginia Most Wanted List.

Sam on Ramp

Look at him…sunning himself.  He doesn’t feel guilty for terrorizing Gracie.  He does not care.    I’m sure he will keep scaring her until he gets caught.

Sam The Sinister Cat – Known Disguise

He’s very sly.   If he feels that folks around Mendota are suspicious, he pulls out one of his many disguises.  He sometimes wears a mustache.

If you have seen Sam the Sinister Cat, please leave a comment on this blog.



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