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My Nephew’s Present

This is a double wedding ring quilt. For once, I had the perfect gift.

My nephew Will got married last week.  I am not even sure if I was invited to the wedding, but I’d already made plans so it didn’t really matter.  What was great is that for once, I had the perfect gift.  I gave my nephew and his new wife something I think they will come to treasure.  I gave them a quilt.

I didn’t make the quilt.  Mrs. Ruby Smith made the quilt.  She was in her late 80’s when she made the quilt…she’s in her 90’s now.  It is the double wedding ring pattern.   I believe it has a bit of my mother’s clothing in it.  Mother died 8 years ago.

Will and Jaimee, I hope you treasure this quilt.  I treasured it and for some reason, it wanted to come to your place.  You almost got towels and a cookbook.


Getting Started

I have been telling my husband that I’m going to blog.  I have lists of ideas and projects that I want to talk with you about.   I’ve got myself all set up but I must learn how to post and add pictures if this is ever going to happen.

Today, I start.  If I can’t post a picture.  I can still post words.  Stay with me while I”m learning.



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