Keep On The Sunny Side

With so much discord in the world…,I am thankful for my choir…standing tall…faces to the wind.

There’s a dark & a troubled side of life
There’s a bright, there’s a sunny side, too
Tho’ we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view

Sunflowers 1

 Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side

Vista 2
Keep on the sunny side of life

Sunflower Daddy
It will help us ev’ry day, it will brighten all the way

If we’ll keep on the sunny side of life

Wow…I love those sunflowers.   We have a lot going on here at RiverCliff Cottage.   We’re making a barn quilt square in a sawblade pattern (20% done), we’re making candlesticks from parts of an old stairway ballisters (10% done), canning soup stock (0%), and I am pulling out a few things for fall.    I’ll be blogging about all of those.

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.



Do You Do This???

Okay…it’s midnight. I’m wondering who all is up doing what I’ve been doing. I know many people who read this blog also home can a great deal of food. Do you do it at night? I do! I wait until I’m dog tired and drag out a mess…here’s the pressure canner, the stew pot, and there’s sugar water for the bees and a dreaded summer squash all lying there on the counter.     That squash has me terrified because I know that it has so…so…so many friends.

Wreck in the Kitchen

Doris Shuman gave me her soup stock recipe. It’s really good…however, I did not fill up the jars far enough. It won’t hurt anything, but they would have been much prettier. I’m going to do this again in the next day or two and make it all perfect.   These are terrible pictures. When I get ready to eat these, I can add some potatoes and a quart of my home-canned tomatoes and have a great veggie soup. Feeling smart.

Soup Stock

Each time there is discord in the world, I want to organize my pantry and look at the food that’s in it. What is this? I need help. My recent Pinterest fascination is “Sixty Days of Non-Perishable Food For Two People.” I really want to know if there are many others out there like me?  I comb FEMA sites, LDS sites, or homesteading sites and mentally plan.   I don’t really do that’s all in the planning stage.  Like I plan to clean my house.    The planning and the happening are pretty opposite!  

However, I believe there is a cannery in Castlewood, Virginia. I want to go.

And this obsession…it makes a heck of a mess. As I wait for my cooktop to cool down, I took this picture. I’ll be scrubbing and shining it in just a few minutes. Another bad picture.

Dirty Cooktop

What a stinkin’ mess I’ve made.  The floor is sticky.  Well..not now…because even though it’s the wee hours, I had to mop the kitchen.  Mike is snoring away while all this is going on.     I’m actually on the computer waiting for the floor to dry.    It’s akin to watching paint dry without the new paint smell.  I smell vinegar.  Yuck.

Mike has no patience for my mess, and in fact, he’s assigned me the garage to clean.   That is my reward for trying to ensure we have 60 days of food if there is a disaster????   I do not understand!!   I’m just so glad he’s in a home cleaning and organizing mood!  We need to get some things done!

Here’s what the garage looked like the last time it was clean.    It doesn’t look quite that good tonight.

Garage Reorg Day 2

Good night.  Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.



About Those Bees

Honeybee with Pollen Sacks

Like paparazzi, I stalk them. This one is named Coco. They live in a high rise with their brood box in the very first (lowest) chamber.  It is where their queen most likely is.  Today, we had some preventative maintenance for the bees, so Gerald and I removed each chamber of the hives to get […]

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It’s Crunch Time

It’s crunch time.  Yeah…I wish I could say it was my abs.  I’d done all those crunches and had abs.  I don’t even have any abs!  I keep thinking I’ll get some, but it’s always one more day away, one more Dove dark chocolate day away. It’s Mendota Cemetery Quilt.   It’s almost time for it […]

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All My Children

Sheets on the Line

Big news!   Gerald and I are going to start working on the bees.  But that didn’t happen today.   I just walked around taking pictures.    OK…what did you think the title “All My Children” was about?   The soap opera that was on the air a few years ago with Susan Lucci?   […]

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Drying Basil

Basil Fresh

My sister made spaghetti for her granddaughters recently and realized she had no dried basil.  She called me since I normally have two of everything.   I was mortified.  Me..the prepper!   I had no dried basil.   I did have fresh and sent her away with that and, later, I found one old bottle […]

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Hilton’s Elementary Luncheon at Mt. Vernon Church

Real Dishes

Today was a fun day at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. A number of the ladies hosted a luncheon for the teachers and staff at Hilton’s Elementary School. (I’m not sure whether it’s Hiltons or Hilton or Hilton’s….I’ve seen it all three ways.) I was in charge of two gallons of tea. They really give […]

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Furniture Made From Reclaimed Barn Wood

Guest Table 2

A few days ago, I posted on our wormy chestnut coffee table.      A few years back, we realized we needed a new table for our guesthouse.   Instead of buying one, Mike made one using reclaimed barnwood — wormy chestnut.    Here’s the table. I  like this table.   Mike gave the legs […]

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An Amazing Day

I love weddings. They are so hopeful and pretty. And of all the weddings I love, I love country weddings the best.  If you’re on Pinterest looking for wedding ideas, you know that I am not alone. Just a little over a month ago…we were all scrambling to make sure Delaney’s Day was perfect, and […]

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Wormy Chestnut Coffee Table

Table 1

Isn’t this a lovely picture? Our neighbor, Dr. D’Amato gave us these apples which I’m certain are heirloom because they taste so good. Those apples reminded me of my den which is also a red color, and as I was sitting eating one of the apples this afternoon in the den, I decided to take […]

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