I Choose Love

My favorite picture of the past few weeks.    I choose love.  How about you?

Good picture


Shopping in Abingdon, Virginia

Our small river outfitter, Adventure Mendota, got rained out today.   We had to return a child’s PFD (life vest) to her grandmother at The Virginian in Abingdon, so we decided to head up to the Abingdon Farmers Market.

I bought bread.  It’s actually made in Mendota.


Picked up some treats for River at Barkery & Co.    He got right down to putting these away.

Barkery and Company

Purchased some of my most favorite juice in the world from White Birch.  Nicole Dyer owns White Birch and she’s been a strong competitor in the business challenges we were in together.   For some reason,  I was first resistant to trying these juices.  I thought “healthy” would not be “tasty.”    No so.   I love the Pink Punch and the Orange Dream which tastes like a Dreamsicle.

White Birch

Went up to the Holston Mountain Artisans shop on Park Street.   I bought this small quilted banner to hang on the wall in the guest house.   It was made by Laura Bryant and was $12.

Quilt hanger

I also bought this very special wall hanging which I’ll save as a gift for a child  It’s called “Wild Dogs” and was created by Mary Warner of Bristol, Tennessee.  It has a story.

Wild dogs 1

Mary Warner is married to a diplomat, and she spends a great deal of time in Africa.  She teaches quilting there–I believe it is in Botswana.   She asked her quilting friends to send their leftover quilt pieces so that the ladies she is teaching will have fabric to work with.   At any rate, this is one of the quilts that they have made.   It’s constructed of fabrics that normally would not be used in the same piece — but these ladies “used what they had” and made this beautiful little quilt.   I’ll probably never meet Mary Warner, but I hope she learns that I have this special little quilt and I’ll make sure it’s treasured and those tiny stitches are respected and loved.

Here’s another picture…Wild Dogs 2


I won’t give this little gift to just anyone.  I’ll wait until the right person needs it.

Thank you for reading RiverCliff Cottage.


Magic Black Raspberries


I am not on this blog often in the summer since we own and operate a small outfitter on the North Fork of the Holston.   We’ve been very busy until this week when it rained — much needed rain.  We are like farmers — we watch the skies and the weather diligently. The rain […]

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The Vines On North Fork

Vine in the hole

What I like about blogging is chronicling time.   In Mendota, things move slow but we do have change.   Some very good changes, but we remain a rural farming community. It’s such pretty country… While only a very few tobacco farmers remain, we still have several organic operations, RiverGate dairy, sheep, cattle, and finally, […]

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Some Things Work Out

Crate of Tees

Remember the crates that I found in Gate City at Memory Lane Antiques?   Here’s how they’ll look with the tees in them.  This is the Canada Dry crate which works well for small t-shirts.   I take no credit.  Mike thought this up. Also, long ago…here…I talked about the kayak quilt square Mike was […]

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Treasure Hunting in Gate City, Virginia

Blue Chest

Hi there!   It has been such a busy time around here as we prepare for the first days of Adventure Mendota 2016.    Mike and I have also been on the fundraising merry-go-round for the Goodson Kinderhook Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Crossroads Christian Academy and the Washington County Public Library.   We’ve  bid in […]

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Cleaning A Vinyl Fence

Fence top before Green

When we first built this house, we said “everything is to be maintenance free.” We were dumb. There is no maintenance free anything. While it’s nice that we don’t have to paint the vinyl fence, it does require maintenance. Each year following winter, we are greeted with black and green mold on the fence. If […]

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Mendota in the Past – Sand And Silica

Sand Tram Crisp

I have always had an interest in the sand and silica mining that took place in Mendota long ago. My grandfather mentioned it here, and later, when I worked for AGC Glass, I was taught how important sand was in glass making. I kinda sorta knew where the mining took place. I finally got to […]

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Are The Bees Alive?

Bees Spring 2016

We have heard from everyone that this was a bad winter for bees, but thankfully, it appears my three hives survived.  See for yourself.   I started feeding them today.   Their enclosure is a mess…I’m going to clean it up and plant flowering seeds out there. Here’s what I plan to plant…”Black Eyed Susie Vines”. They […]

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Copycat Wendy’s Chili Recipe

Chili soup

In Mendota, we didn’t think winter would ever arrive when we were lounging around in 70 degree temperatures in December.  Whoops!  Were we wrong!   It’s here! We had a weird little snow last night that left things very slick so I took a serendipitous holiday/vacation day from work.   I was about to change my mind and […]

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