Dark Days of Winter

I love snow.  I hate winter.  We have no snow, so I am hating winter.

I have spent more time than I should on Pinterest and decided I need a new kitchen.  It’s not going to happen — at least not for a year or two.  I have had a white kitchen and the cabinets turned yellow, but that was 20 years ago.  I assume things are much better now.   At any rate, I want a lighter kitchen.  At the same time, I’m grateful for the kitchen I’ve had for the past 19 years.

But…at this time of year, I am always a little down.   I’m very busy so that helps but still….yucky.    I normally turn to organizing, but I don’t even want to do that.   What does cheer me up are green plants.    I so miss Evergreen Garden Center’s Bristol location.  I used to walk through the greenhouse during the winter and enjoy the way it felt, smelled and looked.

I started moving plants into the kitchen.    The first thing I did is have Mike put these two small shelves up.  I got them at Lowe’s, and while they can’t hold more than about 10 pounds, I like that they are “floating” and you can’t see the hardware.

I did not mean to leave River’s picture there, but there it is.  I took the old sifter that reminds me of the grandmother I am named after and put a plant in it.    I put an old mixer that also reminds me of her beside it.

Now, when I walk by it, I think of her.  She always smelled so good because she had a “bubby” bush and she kept the dried bubby flowers in her apron pocket.

Put some plants on the cabinet.  I’ve been rotating them with others in the house so they don’t start to look “poorly” as it’s not the best location for them.

Made a little vignette in the corner and put a plant there as well.

The Sweetest Girl Ever DeeDee got me those little piggy salt and pepper shakers from Magolia Market.   I love them.  I think of her every time I go get dog food from that jar.  The little house plant makes me happy as well.  Here’s a close up.


Here’s something else I finally put on the wall.   Neth made me this clock during his freshman year at college.  Two years ago!!

I love it.

These are the worst pictures ever.

I even put plants in my pot rack.  Pot racks are out of vogue for the moment, but I still have mine.    My kitchen isn’t bright like I want it but it is warm and friendly.

I’m feeling better just looking at those houseplants!!!   Does winter make you BLUE, too?


January Weather In Virginia

Our weather has been crazy lately.  Less than a week ago, we were right in the middle of multiple days of below freezing weather.   The river, which is low due to lack of rain, transitioned to a white popsicle.   She’s a “purty” thang!!

So that picture was on January 5, and this is the scene today in my backyard.    Today is January 9.   What you see on the clothesline is my mattress pad.  It was sunny and 60 so I hung it out to dry — and dry it did!!!  Weather in Southwest Virginia is always interesting!

It as so nice outside that I put my houseplants outside for some sunshine and a good watering.   These are a few of them.

I think they enjoyed it.   The taller of these plants is a Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Do you know how hard it is to find a Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Tri-Cities?   Once in a while Evergreen gets them, but I’ve never been able to get there in time to get one.   I called a couple of florists and they thought they could get one for me, but they never called back.   So…Amazon to the rescue.  I never dreamed that I could get a healthy house plant and get it from Amazon, but folks….it worked.  I took pictures of it the day it arrived but I can’t find them.  It was mid-August.  The plant has grown at least 12 inches since that time.   So, the lesson here is that even though it’s always best to shop local, sometimes you can’t.  When you can’t, Amazon does a fine job — even with houseplants.



North Fork On a Winter Day

We have had several days of below freezing temperatures…morning are 10 or 11 degrees with a colder wind chill.   Ouch.   My sweet boy, River, does not understand why we are not walking him twice per day.  River typically is walked three miles each day.   Mike has taken him a few of these mornings, but I […]

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Mendota Trail Update

For those of you interested in the Mendota Trail, there is a newly established website for the Mendota Trail.  You may visit it here.   The picture below is of the ribbon cutting of the first mile.     (5)

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Mendota Festival 2017

The Mendota Festival for 2017 was held this past weekend.   We started on Friday night with our beloved local musician, Oscar Harris, followed by the Poor Valley Girls.  About 100 people showed up for the performance.  They got a great show.    There is so much “heart” in these small festivals, and that heart […]

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September 13, 2017 After The Kayaking

Hello!  It’s me again.   As small business owners operating only about 100 days per year, we give it a lot while we are open.  Once closed, it’s easy to just sit back and do nothing or surf on the internet and waste time on social media.  Guilty.   However, we closed on Labor Day […]

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Muffin the Cat Before and After

Muffin the Cat has been with us for almost two years.  He’s turned from a mostly feral cat into a pet.   Here was a picture of him from the early days when he would allow us to pet him but never pick him up or touch his back.   It was from an old post on […]

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Spring in Mendota 2017

Following the flood two weeks ago, it turned cool.  Then, it turned even cooler as we entered what is called “Blackberry Winter”.   It’s called Blackberry Winter because it always turns cool when the blackberries are blooming.  Here are a few in bloom behind my house. Mike wanted to go to California to see his […]

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Mendota Flooding Part I

We have had two full days of rain following an already rainy week here in Mendota, Virginia.   The North Fork of the Holston has “just had it” and is getting ready to flood.   I called this Mendota Flooding Part I because no doubt when I wake up tomorrow morning, the river will be in the […]

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Progress Report – 2017 Mendota Cemetery Quilt

Each Friday, provided someone doesn’t get sick, the machines start whirring and the iron starts heating as work continues on the 2017 Mendota Cemetery Quilt.      A few weeks ago, I posted and showed you the center of the quilt.  The colors are intense and vibrant, even though this picture doesn’t look that way.   I love […]

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