Adventure Mendota…Tiny Steps!

Last week I mentioned that we had plans for our shop.      If you’re not familiar with our property — there is the shop, the row of trees and black fence, the road, and then the North Fork of the Holston River.   The shop is getting a new use.


We are in the very early steps of establishing a kayak and tubing business.   Baby steps.   If all of this comes together, and I pray that it will, it will be called Adventure Mendota.    Adventure Mendota – Float the Fork!   It has a nice sound, doesn’t it?    

I see kayaks on this river almost every day.    I hope these same folks have friends that don’t have their own kayak….maybe they will rent from us.   Here’s what they’ll see when they are paddling along.   My friend DeeDee took these pictures.   They are real pictures of a real day on our river.   Do you like what you see?   There will be tubing, too!!

Kayak Front - DeeDee

Do you have a river you love?  If not, I’ve got one I want to introduce you to.  

Eric River

Live it.  Love it.  Float it.  

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Honeybees and a Black Squirrel Winter

Have you heard that the winter of 2014-2015 is going to be long and “bad”.   Perhaps “snowy?”   I have.   I have specifically heard it called a “Black Squirrel Winter.”  Sounds serious!

At any rate, it means one thing for me in the coming weeks.   Sugar water.   Each time I speak with another beekeeper, they are saying “feed them.”   Since I don’t know enough to argue, I listen, and I start stirring the sugar in the pot and putting it in quart jars.

Sugar Water

Three of these…every day.   One for each hive.   Five pounds of sugar makes four quart jars.  You can do the math.  It’s expensive!


The nights are already cool enough to be concerned about mice entering the hives so we’ve taken that wide opening at the bottom of the hive (pictured above) and inserted a spacer which limits the access.   Looks like this now.

My Bees

And just in case we experience temperatures well below zero again, I’ve got my bubble wrap, duct tape, bags of mulch and tarp ready to pull out and set up to protect my bees.      Because…remember this…



The Mendota Landscape Changes

Granny's 7

When I grew up Worley and Lily Millard were my forever friends Lisa and Katie’s grandparents, but I called them Granny and Papaw because that is what Lisa and Katie called them.    If it bothered them, they were kind enough not to show it. They lived in a little house that sat in front […]

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First Day of Fall

Onions in Basket

Fall is here!!   While today is the first official day of fall, it’s been feeling “fallish” in Mendota, Virginia for quite a while.  I love the cool nights and the warm days with low or no humidity. This morning I went out to the garden and pulled up the remainder of the onions.  There […]

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Bristol Rhythm & Roots 2014

Downtown 1

When driving across State Street from Virginia as you enter into Tennessee, you’ll see the Chamber of Commerce and a giant guitar reflecting Bristol’s musical roots.  Now, there is something else!   There’s a countdown to something that many love as much as we love music — college football.  We don’t have a professional football […]

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Mendota Rising

The Store

There’s something different in the air in Mendota this fall.  For some reason, people are becoming optimistic that our little community is revitalizing.    I thought about this today and wondered out loud to Mike whether this was wishful thinking on my part or was it reality?   Perhaps you and I together can find […]

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2014 Washington County Fair

Va Extension Display

Note: If you are visiting RiverCliff Cottage to view pictures taken from the Mendota Heritage Festival today, please visit the Mendota Community Events Facebook  Page. The Highlands Beekeepers had a booth at the Washington County Fair, and I volunteered to work from 3 to 6 this past Friday.   This worked out great because I […]

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Dishtowel Giveway (Another One!) + Fall Wreath

Dishtowel giveway

I have another dishtowel to give away!   Eight readers commented on my blog on the dishtowel post, and I put their names in a bowl.   I drew Patsy Carrier’s name and she now has the dishtowel. Yay Patsy!! This one is a little brighter.  It came from target.  I like it  because it […]

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The Mendota Cakewalk

Diaper Cake

Fifteen years ago when we decided to buy this property in Mendota, it was partly because of things like cake walks.   If you live in the ‘burbs, how many cake walks do you attend in a year? So we’re having our Mendota Heritage Festival on Saturday, September 13, and I’ve been asked to provide […]

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Mendota Villager September 2014

Thought some of you from Mendota or with ties to Mendota might enjoy The Villager. It’s a peek into life in our rural life. Margie Dean puts this together for our community.   If you like seeing this on this blog, please leave a comment so that I’ll know.  I could do it for our […]

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