Antiquing in Church Hill, Tennessee

I took a day of vacation today, and by all accounts, I wasted the entire day.   I meant to do lots of stuff around the house.  I.did.nothing.   We have guests staying the in the guesthouse and I did get it ready but other than that–nada. I had great intentions, but I came home from work last night and developed the worst sore throat imaginable.  I just knew I had strep throat.  However, this morning when I woke up with a stuffy nose, etc., I knew it was the dreaded cold!  Ugh.   So I didn’t feel like doing too much even after I took some cold medicine.

Mostly I watched my seven week old kittens.  Many will be going to their furever homes soon, and I wanted to enjoy them just a bit more…the little gray one on the left will be going to live with my niece.  The little one sleeping on the right has someone interested as well.  I call him Huckleberry.  He was the first one born.   I rescued their mom, and she is the best mother cat.   I’m tellin’ ya….people could learn from watching a mother cat.  She gives them just the right mix of love and discipline.

Three Kittens

To get Mike onboard with my plan to accomplish nothing, I suggested we go for a ride.  “Where?” he asked.  “Church Hill, Tennessee,” I replied.   “Why?” he asked.   “I dunno,” I replied.    Off we went!

I actually did have something in mind.  Several years ago he bought me this window at an antique mall in Church Hill and I wanted to go back.  I have no idea what the name of the place is but they have lots of windows and old doors out front.   (Update:  I have later learned it is the Homestead.)  Here is that window that he bought me back when it was cold this past winter!

Snow Chalkboard Window 1

And here is that window last spring…

Spring NoTalent Chalkboard Window

Here is that window at Christmas…

Holiday Window With Chalk Ink

And here is that window when I was apparently thinking about coloring in a coloring book.

Happy Window Pane

Oh…I think there is a fall one.  Yep…here it is.

Fall Mantle 1

At any rate, we all should be in agreement whether you like my artwork or not — I sure have got my $7 worth for that window!!   So I wanted another one.   We brought this one home.  The asking price was $38 but we paid $25.   I’m going to use it in my den.   I’ve got plans to use it as a picture gallery.   If that fails, out will come the chalkboard spray paint!

Window Resized

While at the antique store, I founds lots of other stuff, too, which I thought was interesting.  This is an old Chlorox bottle.  It was $8.   I really was drawn to it, but the last thing I need is more junk.

Chlorox Bottle Resized

Here was the one thing I would have bought if Mike had not been with me.  It’s a Pepsi box.  It was $25, but I probably could have got it for $20.

Pepsi Box Resized

It had been used at a Pepsi Bottling plant in Marion, Virginia.  When I was a little girl, I told everyone I would marry a Pepsi man so that I could drink all the Pepsi I want.

Pepsi Box Resized

This was a good idea for my other baby, Adventure Mendota!   I have some old inner tubes.  We don’t use them for tubing, but we tried to once.  They turned us dirty.  However, to blow them up and paint them…now that’s an idea I can use!!


And…because I love them…a rotary phone.  It was a Bristol, Tennessee number.   I’m itching to call the number, but I won’t.

Old Phone

And finally, I did bring this home as well.  I’m going to put it in my den.  Probably near the picture gallery I’m going make.  There’s a lot of gonna’s there.  We’ll see when that actually will happen.



It was fun being back on my blog again.  I’m going to update the look of this blog in the next months.  I’m excited about that, but I’m still working through what it will look like.


Hello Roslyn Beaule!  Get back to work!


A Little Organization Really Helps

Since Mike and I opened up our small seasonal business, our lives have been like drinking from a firehouse.  We’re drowning!   No one is complaining, but today when we had a large cancellation, it freed the day up to be a lighter day, and I decided to stay home and clean my house.   My sweet neighbor has been helping me out by cleaning this summer, and when she could not do it this week and I discovered that I could, I was happy!

When everything is moving so fast, sometimes it’s helpful to control what you can control  I can control this mess.  At least today!

Even something as simple as napkins — we use cloth napkins, and where I used to iron them and put them away, I have just folded them and stuffed them away this summer.     I realized last week that they were looking bad.  Some of them were 20 years old — I’d bought them in Franklin, Tennessee in the 1980’s!!  I went through them, and if there were not four napkins that matched that had no stains, they went into the rag pile.  This is just one pile.  Sad.

Here it is…Napkins Three

After I did this, for my every day napkins, I was left with only two sets of four and even these are showing a little wear…

Napkins Two

But after I ironed and folded them, they’ll work for a while longer.  I felt good slipping this little–much lighter-basket under the counter where I keep my napkins.  I’ll be buying more in the coming weeks.

Napkins Four

It feels good to be in my home today.  It’s just me and River and the two cats inside, and Lilly and her five kittens right outside where I can watch them.   I have a lot of plans for my house this winter.  We are moving to the guest house and having our hardwood refinished here in the main house as well as touch up the paint.   I’m going to use that time to rethink every piece of “stuff” in this house.

I’m trying not to buy things just for the sake of buying them.   However, I have looked at this sign for over a year.  It wasn’t cheap, but I like what it says.   I think there are too many signs displayed in homes I see in magazines…they seem to shout for attention!     Yet, I really wanted this sign…maybe I wanted some attention, too!   Seriously, it speaks of who I want to be…not who I am…but who I want to be.    Words to live by!


Hope you have a good day.  I am going to start vacuuming!  Woo Hoo! (64)

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Kittens July 8

No Teeth

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Kitten W13

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Life jackets on fence

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So In Love

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Bandana Covered Seat Cushions

Chair With Cushions

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