Day 16 of Thanksgiving

This is more of an update since I already mentioned Muffin’s house in this gratitude journal.  However, what good is a great house if you don’t go in it?  That’s what easily could have happened.  Remember…we have a heated garage that Muffin refuses to enter.

So, I am so, so thankful that Muffin the Feral Cat likes his new home that Mike made for him.   Look at him!   He stays in there all the time.  Well, he comes out to eat or sit by the door and hiss at my indoor cats.


River walks by and sticks his nose in — or…he did once.  Muffin reached out and smacked him.   Remember last year, when we hurriedly made a box house for this feral kitty that showed up?   We used the grill cover on top of it?   We could  not get near him at that time.   Now, he arches his back to be petted.   I did have the pet heating pad in there, but it was not insulated like his sturdy new home is.

Cat in Snow

However, I may have to go back and use the grill cover again for extreme wind and cold because of the cut out.   At any rate, I am grateful today that Muffin has such a fine house and that he likes it!!




Thanksgiving…Nine Days!

Here’s the thing about a daily Thanksgiving journal that is also a blog.  Sometimes it’s hard to post, and I’m nine days behind!  Over the past nine days, I’ve been thankful for so much.   Likewise, the tragedy in France makes me unsettled.   Why do people have to do this to one another?    I do not understand it.

On November 7, I was very thankful I had the weekend to myself.  Mike went to Akron, and I had the house for three full days.  I enjoyed having this space.   I had started to go with him but decided against it.   I wanted to clean the house.    I’m cleaning and trying to sort through things that I still like but do not have a place for….does anyone locally want this?  I do not want to ship it.  If you want it, please message me.   I  am not selling it.  I’m giving it away.   I stitched it in 1986.   My kitchen was all done in Williamsburg blue, and I made this to go with that kitchen.    Love what it says “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have.”   Isn’t that true?

My Work

On November 8, I was so excited because I picked up a few things a local person, Pennie Jarrett, painted for me.  Here’s one of them..(excuse my.terrible picture).   She did this for me for $25.   Pennie rocks!  She actually made several things which I’ll show you later.

Joy to the World Sign

I’ll be using this at Christmas.  I’m decorating with Christmas carols this year.   All of my rooms are Christmas carols.

On November 9, I was glad that Mike was back home and had arrived safely.  I had the space I needed and was done with it.   On every day, I am grateful for this sweet face.   He’s enjoying having toys.

River looking really cute

Who could not love River?

On Tuesday, November 10, I had a great day at work.  It was nothing special, but I am lucky to work for nice people, have interesting work, and I have a BFF at work.    I am grateful for my “real” job, and following that day, I got to do something I’d wanted to do for a while.  I also do a bit of work for About Face, a great (as in “the best” !!)  med spa in the Bristol area, and Sue, the owner, recently purchased an IPL laser.   We’ll be rolling this out in December, but Rhiana gave me my first IPL treatment for those “spots” on my hands.   We took a before picture.  This will take a few treatments, and I’ll show you the “after” pictures in six weeks or so.  They’ll be gone.   This picture is not of my hands but this is what I can expect.

ipl-before-after9This laser is really smart and our estheticians, Lisa, Rhiana, and Nina are loving what it can do for clients.   I’m grateful for my relationship with About Face and Sue.   She’s a sister from another mister.

So, Wednesday thru Friday flew by.   I so enjoyed listening to the book from Jan Karon called “Come Rain or Shine.”   I love a good book whether it’s on audio or in pages.  Oh!  And I’m thrilled that Hallmark has started Christmas movies.

I was fixing dinner one of those nights, and I realized how grateful I am for locally raised beef.  I’ve quit eating processed meats but I still eat red meat, and Mike fixed me a rib eye steak that was the best.   I asked him what was different, and he told me that “it was one of the steaks you bought from your girlfriend.”    I could not wait to tell Sabrina Fleenor.  I’d bought the beef several months ago and just not got around to fixing it.    If you are local and want to get in touch with Keith or Sabrina Fleenor for your beef, let me know.  I love small business people.  Local beef packed locally at Russell County.

Fleenor Meats

Sometime during the group of days that I missed in my gratitude journal, I went shopping.  In Mendota.  Can you believe that?  I went up to the old store building in Mendota and bought a couple of things from “Doc”.    For $15, I bought this sled which I’ll put a wreath and bow on and have a great outdoor Christmas decoration for the porch.


This is all so counter to my plan to get rid of things, but I’ve wanted an outdoor sled to put up on the mantle or out by the door for a long time.

I also bought a chair to make a spring garden chair.  I have so many plans for spring.   Look at that chippy green paint?  I guess I’m thankful for chippy paint.  LOL.

Old Chair

There’s all kinds of good stuff in that old store.   After Christmas, I’m going to buy an old headboard with plans to do something like this for RiverCliff Cottage–our overnight guest house.   Someone tagged me with this on Facebook.  I love it.    Sorry it is so little.


There’s old wrought iron headboards up there that would look great on a wall.   I saw lots of old lanterns.  There is a Hoosier up there.   Lots of yummy stuff.

Finally, I’m thankful for those feet in the left of the picture –that’s Michael’s feet; he’s been hanging pictures for me.   He’s got some good help with our little man.

River again

Thankful for so many things.



Day Six of Thanksgiving

Prune face

  I’m still droning on about the My Southwest Virginia Cup Challenge.  Bear with me, I seldom win anything.  I showed you this picture before.  Why didn’t you tell me my sweater was too big?   Seriously.   I thought we were friends.    This is my favorite picture (below).  It was our publicity photo. […]

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Day Five of Thanksgiving

Cup and check

Today I am  thankful that Adventure Mendota placed in the My Southwest Virginia Opportunity Cup.  I’m so happy with the whole way the evening went except that I wanted everyone to win.  Everyone. I heard some awesome people speak of small businesses and of Southwest Virginia, and I realized we are kindred spirits.  It’s not […]

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Day Four Thanksgiving

Muffin Eating

Today I am thankful for my husband Michael and our shared compassion for Muffin, the feral kitty that arrived at our house last winter.   Muffin was a feral kitty that lived several miles from here and my young cousin had been watching over him for a number of years.  Somehow he got lost in […]

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Day Three Thanksgiving


Possibilities.  Today I am thankful for possibilities. Last year when I “pitched” my small business called Adventure Mendota in the Washington County Business Plan Challenge, I blogged about it and talked about it on social media.  I then had to come back and admit that I was beat.   By a wiener no less!   […]

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Day Two of Thanksgiving

Nancy and me

Okay…this is just day two, and I’m not sure what my number one thankful item for today is.    One thing is for sure–I was driving home thinking that I’m absolutely not thankful for daylight savings time ending.   I love leaving work at 4 pm and it’s pitch dark said no one ever. While […]

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Day One of Thanksgiving

Lowes Give Thanks

I’m celebrating Thanksgiving all month.     I am not going to share the big things I’m thankful for.   You know what they are; it’d be like a disclaimer.  I’m going to share the little things that have made my step lighter…smile brighter! Lowe’s is moving from Exit 7 to Exit 5.  Everything in […]

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Painted Bee Hives

We took honey from the bees last week.   This was very late to be taking honey.   For many reasons, we did not take it in late July/early August as most beekeepers do.   It was me.  My fault.   I was too tired….too busy.   I thought a lot about the bees as […]

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Decorating a Witches Hat and Stuff I Am Selling

Witch two

Fall is here!    For those of you who don’t know, while I work in HR and on weekends during the summer at Adventure Mendota, I also like to help out at About Face every now and then.   The owner and I have been friends for a long time.   I am so proud […]

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