Come See Me! I Live in a Postcard called Southwest Virginia!

This is my redemption video–I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.  It’s a wonderfully done piece by Two Rivers Multimedia’s Tim Ivy and MK.   I want to thank the Appalachian Spring initiative for including my “baby” called Adventure Mendota.  We are at about the 9th minute.   I hope you like it.

I call it a “redemption video” for those of us who have had to answer the misspoken and sometimes mean question “Why do you live in a place like that?”   The answer is clear.   It’s because we’re smart…and we value beauty…and we’re very, very lucky!

We live in a postcard!



Behind Door Number 1

There used to be a television show called “Let’s Make a Deal” and the contestents would guess which door to pick for a great prize or a terrible prize.  Here’s my door.  Door Number One.  The Black Door.   (I do like painting some of the doors black.)

Black Door

Nice and neat looking, right?   But I am married to someone who doesn’t want to throw anything away or get rid of anything.   He also can pack more crap in a tight space than a sardine canning company.  So here’s my Door Number One.  Ouch!   I did not win a prize.

Closet is Full

This tiny “coat” closet had two 5×8 rugs rolled up, an ironing board, glasses that I’d boxed and stuck in there, a Food Saver, iron, 26 baseball hats, and scarves to outfit everyone in Mendota.  Seriously.   Can you imagine if someone really wanted to hang their coat in there?  They’d probably have a rug fall on them.

We got the quote to have all of our hardwood refinished and it is a definite go.   I’m so excited.   We’re going to wait until the first of the year, but I have already decided it’s not too early to start thinking about getting rid of things that I don’t want to move out and then move back in.

These coats are going to be sold on Facebook or go to the consignment store.  There is another stack of coats and scarves that I did not picture that will go to Goodwill.

See ya red coat!  Asking $10 for this.

Red Coat 2

And see ya…oatmeal tweedy-like coat.   Asking $8 for this.

Oatmeal Coat

And men’s scarves.  I kept two out for Mike and the rest of these are scarves I’ve seldom seen him wear.  If a family member is reading this and they bought him these scarves, I’m sorry.   It’s just that it doesn’t make sense to keep something and not use it.

Black and white scarf

I wish I could think of something crafty to do with these scarves.  I went on Pinterest for inspiration, but I wasn’t inspired.   Can you think of anything?  I thought about cat quilts for feral cats but every one of these says “Dry Clean Only.”

I’ll try and sell them on Facebook or Ebay.  Otherwise, they are off to Goodwill.   I’d rather someone cold be kept warm vs. them sitting in my closet.

There’s still a rug sitting in the closet in the picture below as we’ll be putting that down in a few weeks, so I’m giving it a pass–and I haven’t labeled the two plastic bins above.   One will say “scarves” and one ill say “gloves and hats”.     I learned while living in Massachusetts that the reason people can stand the weather is that they know how to dress.  However, I don’t live there anymore.  I haven’t for 13 years!   I’m keeping a few things for the short cold spells we get, and the rest is leaving.

I moved the Food Saver to another spot.  I threw away 24 of the 26 hats.   I’ve got a stack for Goodwill.   It feels so good to decrapify the closet!   I still need to “pretty” it up a bit, but it looks so much better with just a bit of tossing, giving and selling.    I left the rug because I am using it beginning in about two weeks, but it will be leaving never to return again!

Closet Cleared

Boom!  Done!   Feeling good! (30)

Scott County River Road


Hi everyone!  Have you ever heard of someone who received the shingles vaccine still getting the shingles?     Mike had his vaccine about 5 years ago, but I believe he has the shingles.  He has no blisters (yet), but his side is sensitive to the touch and hurts like…you know what.   I went […]

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Reading Serafina and The Black Cloak

serafina cover

For those that know me well, you probably know that one of the reasons I wanted so badly to return to Southwest Virginia…Mendota, actually, was because I loved my childhood here.     When we first started looking for land, I still thought we would have children or we would adopt.  I was 35 and […]

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Antiquing in Church Hill, Tennessee

Pepsi Box Resized

I took a day of vacation today, and by all accounts, I wasted the entire day.   I meant to do lots of stuff around the house.  I.did.nothing.   We have guests staying the in the guesthouse and I did get it ready but other than that–nada. I had great intentions, but I came home […]

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A Little Organization Really Helps

Napkins Three

Since Mike and I opened up our small seasonal business, our lives have been like drinking from a firehouse.  We’re drowning!   No one is complaining, but today when we had a large cancellation, it freed the day up to be a lighter day, and I decided to stay home and clean my house.   […]

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Posting From Adventure Mendota 080715

Hi…I so miss RiverCliff Cottage, but I posted tonight on the Adventure Mendota River Blog and thought I’d just link it up here as well.    For those of you who do not know, my husband and I opened up a small paddlesports outfitter featuring kayak and tube rentals.  We’ve had a very good first […]

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Flash Flood in Mendota and Benhams

As I left North Bristol and approached Benhams, a man held his arm out the window and flashed his lights.   I wondered what was going on. The creeks were out in the road and water was rushing across the pavement.  I drove through it, and I got to the other side, but my car […]

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Kittens July 8

No Teeth

Four days old and they are already developing personalities.   This little gray one that I’m thinking is a boy is called  “Huckleberry.”  He loves to eat! As soon as I took the picture above, he did this… (142)

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The Mendota Five

Kitten W13

A few weeks ago I wrote about a stray cat that had joined the feral cat that we have been feeding.   He hates my cats and terrorizes them.  However, for some reason, he took up with this little black and white stray.    He’s  a neutered male, and he’s sweet in a completely dysfunctional […]

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