Flash Flood in Mendota and Benhams

As I left North Bristol and approached Benhams, a man held his arm out the window and flashed his lights.   I wondered what was going on.

The creeks were out in the road and water was rushing across the pavement.  I drove through it, and I got to the other side, but my car moved.  I was scared.    More water was ahead, but this time I could see the yellow center lines so I drove through cautiously but knew I could reach the other side.

Benhams was a mess.   There’s pictures all over Facebook of the water.   I drove down Nordyke and halfway down encountered this…a log was in the road and Nordyke Creek was there with it.

After the log was moved, it was still too dangerous to go through.   I turned around and went to my cousin’s house.  Mike was able to drive up in the truck and get me.   Since I drive a Prius which is low to the ground, there was no way I was going to drive through water again.    Here’s the creek that was in the road.

Further down, Sherman Pippin (Bubby)and friends were working to get Barb’s old bridge (Barb is Bubby’s sister) off of Bubby’s bridge.

Whew!   Sometimes the day is a challenge.


Kittens July 8

Four days old and they are already developing personalities.   This little gray one that I’m thinking is a boy is called  “Huckleberry.”  He loves to eat!

Dreaming Kitten

As soon as I took the picture above, he did this…

Kitten 2 (61)

The Mendota Five

Kitten W13

A few weeks ago I wrote about a stray cat that had joined the feral cat that we have been feeding.   He hates my cats and terrorizes them.  However, for some reason, he took up with this little black and white stray.    He’s  a neutered male, and he’s sweet in a completely dysfunctional […]

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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Sandy and eva in Tube

Are you having a marvelous 4th of July?   I didn’t even get a red white and blue wreath up!!   We anticipated this being a really busy time for our paddle sports business, and then, the rain came.  And it came.  And it came.   On the upside, the river should be great for […]

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How To Clean Your Life Vest

Life jackets on fence

Since I had never been on a kayak until October, 2014, you probably don’t find it surprising that I didn’t realize that a frequently used life vest, now called a personal flotation device, can become really stinky. You might find it surprising that based on the fact that I had never been on a kayak […]

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Everyone Needs Someone…Even Muffin the Cat!

So In Love

Muffin is our little feral friend who showed up during the coldest part of winter, and we put together a makeshift home for him with a pet heating pad so that he could stay warm. It was an odd looking arrangement. It was a box that was bubble wrapped inside another box with our grill […]

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Bandana Covered Seat Cushions

Chair With Cushions

I have company staying in the guesthouse this weekend, and it has a very nice deck on the back which most people enjoy sitting on and eating or drinking coffee. There is a cute little table out there that is perfect for this. But the chairs are hard. I usually have cushions on them. But…the […]

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Happy Graduation Will Gobble!!

Picture 14

Happy Graduation to Will Gobble! Will is our neighbor’s son, and I’ve watched him grow up. He’s now graduating from Gate City High School! Where did the years go? When we started thinking about Adventure Mendota, we knew we’d need one person to help with the heavy lifting of these kayaks. That person would have […]

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Mendota Rising!! Loving Poor Valley!

FOot Pictures

To me, this is more true today than in quite some time. Here’s why… 1) I’ve got me a doggy again. He’s a celeb dog. Rebecca Pepin wrote about him on her blog which I highly recommend you read AND COMMENT!!! She will love your comments! At any rate, River is famous, and you can […]

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Adventure Mendota Day One!

DeeDee and Eric

We opened and everyone in the country has asked “how did ya do?” Everyone was curious. We were, too! In Mendota, we have never had anything like Adventure Mendota and we’re all wondering “will they come?” It’s not unlike the movie “Field of Dreams!! This was compounded by our uncertainty on whether we’d be open […]

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