The Witty Ones

I’ve been so fortunate to live in a number of places. However, there were some downsides. I missed all of my class reunions. I attended a picnic briefly but I had to leave to catch a plane to go somewhere else, so the picnic doesn’t even count.

This time, not only am I going to attend (YAY!), Doris Clendenen Shuman, our classmate and reunion organizer, asked me to help with a few things for the Amazing John S. Battle Class of 1974 40th Reunion. My dearest friend, Lisa Benfield Edwards and I met with Doris yesterday. I am so excited to get to be a part of it.

Here’s Doris…it’s only natural that the class reunion organizer was voted “Friendliest,” isn’t it?


And here’s Lisa posed on top of a piano.  She and Eddie were voted “Most Talented” and it was well deserved.    We are thinking of Eddie as we approach this reunion as he is very ill.

Lisa and Eddie

One of the sad things about a 40th reunion is the absence of those who have passed, and while working on our Class of 1974 Memory Board, I recalled Andy Grant. Andy and I were voted “Wittiest” among the Senior Superlatives. Andy died at an early age.

Here’s the very inappropriate picture of Andy and me. There are a few things wrong with this picture. First of all, smoking in the school?? Second, I’m sitting on his lap taking dictation!  And oh my gosh…check out those wide-leg, cuffed bell bottom jeans! Whew…I recall lots of ironing and starching to get them just right!  

Sr. superlatives

There are also a few things right. We were young and happy. Andy had no idea his time was brief. I had no idea I’d make all kinds of crazy decisions that while they’ve enriched my life, they weren’t filled with wisdom and I hurt others along the way. For that I’m sorry. However, as I look at this picture, there are no regrets. (92)

Sad Sad Sad

Do you recall when I had a lovely grapecart on my front porch that welcomed everyone?

Grape Cart R

Those were the days. Here it is today. I am so ashamed.

Garden thing

Will be working to “right” this “wrong” tonight when I go to see my True Love.

But on a happier note, have you ever seen many things better than this?



Raised Bed and Seed Gardening

Fighting Beans

It’s been raining for two full days in Mendota, Virginia, but we caught a break a few minutes ago,  so I went out to do my daily “bug walk.” Tomorrow will be week four of the war on Japanese beetles. I’ve killed about 40-60 beetles each day. My green beans are holding their own. Look […]

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Magical Mailboxes In Mendota

Mailboxes in Mendota

I love mailboxes.  I like getting mail.  When I was single years and years ago and lived on the Weaver Pike…I signed up for all kinds of junk mail just so I could walk to the mailbox each day. Junk mail??? What was I thinking? While Keanu Reeves is famous as a result of his […]

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I Am Alive! VBS Is Over!

Big eyes

I’ve been offline for four whole days. Internet issues caused by a storm. Vacation Bible School is over except for a fun lunch on Sunday.  It was all worth it thanks to faces like this little one as she “discovers the evidence!”  (We did a modified version of Agency D3) Other events at VBS included […]

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Discover, Decide and Defend

Ordinary Box

If you are from the south where there is a Vacation Bible School on every corner, you recognized the title of this post. Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church is  doing “discovery” today on the evidence to support the question “Is Jesus Really God’s Son.”   Like any good secret agent or detective, we needed a […]

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Eating From Your Garden Buckets and Beds

Mountaineer Half Runner

I picked the first green beans out of the raised beds today.   Mountaineer Half Runner Green Beans….they are heirloom green beans. Not one spec of dirt on the beans. No pesticides used. It’s a rewarding feeling to garden this way. If you lived in Mendota long ago, you might not have had to worry […]

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Happy 4th of July and Working in the Bathroom

Messy Room

Happy Independence Day! I’m so glad I live in a country that doesn’t require I keep a clean house! That empty spot in my living room is where I’m having something slip covered. Danette took the chair but left the ottoman. She custom measured the ottoman while she was here, so there was no need […]

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Easiest 4th of July Wreath Ever


Dp you remember this? I loved this simple wreath which was on the guesthouse while our bride was there last week. But she is on her honeymoon now! The wreath has to go. I decided to do a quick change and have a 4th of July wreath. I’m working today, and I decided to do […]

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A Basket Overflowing

Dottie's Basket

There was so much wedding excitement in Mendota last week that we thought and talked of nothing else.   (Well, I did go on a bit about Japanese Beetles in this post.) Something really nice happened to me during the days surrounding the wedding.   My forever friends, Katie and Lisa, pulled up in the […]

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