The Mendota Five

A few weeks ago I wrote about a stray cat that had joined the feral cat that we have been feeding.   He hates my cats and terrorizes them.  However, for some reason, he took up with this little black and white stray.    He’s  a neutered male, and he’s sweet in a completely dysfunctional type of way.   When I pet him, he arches his back to be petted yet  hisses at the same time.

So In Love

I thought the black and white cat looked pregnant so I made her an appointment about ten days ago, but we had something go awry here at the house, and Mike could not take her for the appointment.  We missed it.  It’s an ordeal to take a cat to the vet because as we drive out, they always are frightened and always are sick from the car ride, so it’s not something we just do — we plan it.    But we didn’t get there.    We had our own doctor and dental appointments, cars that had to be taken for service, and so on and so forth.   We didn’t get to the vet.  How irresponsible is that?   But, at any rate, last night she had five kittens.

I knew something was amiss yesterday.   She…I call her Lilly after a saloon girl in an old tv show, was very clingy to Muffin, the gray feral.   She wanted to lay with him on his pillow, but he wasn’t really about sharing that pillow so she sat on the edge of the chair.  Muffin has filled out quite a bit since I wormed him.   He’s due another round.  I want to get him to the vet but I haven’t figured out how.  I can’t imagine riding in a car with Muffin in the cat carrier.  I can’t imagine getting Muffin in the cat carrier for that matter.   If there are any vets wanting to go kayaking, I’ll cut you a deal if you’ll come up and vaccinate Muffin!!

Kitten W11

Last night, Lilly was so tired.  She curled up in her bed and seemed completed exhausted.  So much so that I  slipped her little bowl in with her so she could eat.   I suspected that the kittens were coming.    By 11:00, I went out and she had one kitten.  An hour later, there were FIVE kittens.  Did you know each kitten may have a different father?  My goodness, Lilly, what and who did you do?     

I decided to embrace these kittens.  I love kittens, but I never allow a cat to have them for obvious reasons.   However, these are here, so I’m going to enjoy them, socialize them and hope I can find them good homes.  If not, well, I’ll be the woman with NINE cats.   Here they are.  They can “mew” very loudly.

Kitten W13

I”m thinking where I can put these kittens in the next few weeks where they can develop, socialize and not be harmed.   My biggest fear right now is that Lilly will lie down on them and smother them.  They sleep about 90 percent of the time, and I go out and check to make sure no one has gotten smothered.  So far…so good.

I’ll keep you posted. They are my new fascination.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Are you having a marvelous 4th of July?   I didn’t even get a red white and blue wreath up!!   We anticipated this being a really busy time for our paddle sports business, and then, the rain came.  And it came.  And it came.   On the upside, the river should be great for kayaking and tubing for the next several weeks.

So while everyone else was blowing up fireworks, we took our “off day” and blew up tubes.   See that blue tube that is in front of the blue and white tube?  Which would you prefer?  Most will say the Intex River Run.   It’s a commercial tube, and it should be good, but we’re having trouble with them.  Maybe they don’t like our river?

Pix 1

They lose air.  Do you think you could float very far on this (pictured below)?

River run Dead

That’s why we’ve purchased a whole bunch of these blue ones like the one I am  sitting on.  We had about a dozen which we’ve been testing, and they’ve done well, so we ordered a bunch more.  And I just want you to know that the camera really does add 10 pounds and my hair looks terrible.  If I’m going to work  in the tubing business, I have to figure out a way to not have horrible hair due to the humidity.   I think I’m going to grow it fairly long where I can put it up in a twist; it looks good up, but it falls down.  I’ve got to learn to put it up and keep it up.  I’m going to get Viagra for my hair.   That’s a plan.

Sandy and eva in Tube

Oh dear…as I write this, it’s pouring rain again.   We may never reopen at this rate.   We may go in the ark business instead.    I’m using this time to think ahead a little bit.  We have company coming in July.    I have to get this house together.   What better way than to start working on a chalkboard window for the mantle about summer?

Summer time

Mike, who has been working every day since May 2 when we opened, came by and looked at the chalkboard and said “that is a dam darn lie….followed by “liar…liar …pants on fire!”     But I like it anyway, and I will put it up tomorrow.

By the way…have you ever seen so many life vests?   These will be handy for all the new kayaks, the tubes…the ark!


And more…

And more…I swear…they are like Walmart bags.  They are breeding when we’re not looking!

Happy 4th of July!



How To Clean Your Life Vest

Life jackets on fence

Since I had never been on a kayak until October, 2014, you probably don’t find it surprising that I didn’t realize that a frequently used life vest, now called a personal flotation device, can become really stinky. You might find it surprising that based on the fact that I had never been on a kayak […]

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Everyone Needs Someone…Even Muffin the Cat!

So In Love

Muffin is our little feral friend who showed up during the coldest part of winter, and we put together a makeshift home for him with a pet heating pad so that he could stay warm. It was an odd looking arrangement. It was a box that was bubble wrapped inside another box with our grill […]

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Bandana Covered Seat Cushions

Chair With Cushions

I have company staying in the guesthouse this weekend, and it has a very nice deck on the back which most people enjoy sitting on and eating or drinking coffee. There is a cute little table out there that is perfect for this. But the chairs are hard. I usually have cushions on them. But…the […]

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Happy Graduation Will Gobble!!

Picture 14

Happy Graduation to Will Gobble! Will is our neighbor’s son, and I’ve watched him grow up. He’s now graduating from Gate City High School! Where did the years go? When we started thinking about Adventure Mendota, we knew we’d need one person to help with the heavy lifting of these kayaks. That person would have […]

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Mendota Rising!! Loving Poor Valley!

FOot Pictures

To me, this is more true today than in quite some time. Here’s why… 1) I’ve got me a doggy again. He’s a celeb dog. Rebecca Pepin wrote about him on her blog which I highly recommend you read AND COMMENT!!! She will love your comments! At any rate, River is famous, and you can […]

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Adventure Mendota Day One!

DeeDee and Eric

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River 1

On Facebook in November, I see gratitude posts, and I’m always interested in what people are thankful for. I always intend to do the gratitude journey as well, but I don’t. If I’m truthful, I don’t stay with it long enough to do it for 30 days. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not […]

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River’s Story Begins

River Looking at the Camera Best

On February 4, 2015, we lost our last dog of the three that had shared RiverCliff Cottage since it was built in 1999.  The first one to leave was our beloved Annie. She was followed by Gracie and then, of course, Luckie. Luckie was the hardest because there was no one else waiting at home. […]

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