Five More Days

We’re five days from the Third Annual Dale Jett & Hello Stranger Cemetery Benefit.  At breakfast this morning at Mt. Vernon UMC’s Sonrise Service, Dale Jett casually asked “do you think many people will come?”    Ohmigosh why did he ask  me?  Now I’m worried I’ll let him down.

Banners went up last night.  Mike and I put this one up on Rick Begley’s property in Gate City, so anyone coming into Gate City from Highway 58 should see it.   We’ve also put them up in Hiltons and in Mendota.   Next year, I’d like to put one up in Benhams and two more in Gate City.    We are so thankful for Pepsi for helping us with the banners.  I did not know who to contact this year since Pepsi Bottling of Lee Highway closed, but the store manager of Food City’s Euclid Avenue store, Raymond, stepped in and helped me out.  Naturally, I find that Raymond lives in Hiltons–no wonder he is a gentleman.

Dale Jett Show

We’ve mailed postcards to everyone in the 24270 zip code as well as handed them out.    I’ve got a little western theme going on this with postcard.

Dale Jett Card front


We’ve placed 75 posters around the Bristol/Abingdon/Gate City/ETSU areas.   Next year, I’m asking the Scott County Vocational School’s Graphics Department to design the poster.  I can’t wait to see what those young creative minds can do, and I’m hoping if Domtar helps us again, they could judge it. Just early ideas. By the way, we cannot say enough about Domtar Paper and Jeff Chamberlin for helping us with seed money for this event. We love them, and we stretch every dollar.


We’ve requested media help with our benefit.  Oscar interviewed with Joe Tennis who gave us a nice write up in the Bristol Herald Courier. Many thanks to Joe! Here’s the link.   We’ve also got an upcoming feature article in both the Kingsport Times-News and the Scott County Virginia Star. I’ll link those into this post when they publish this week.   Please look for them.

The Mendota quilt is almost ready, and the raffle tickets are here–done so professionally for me by the students at Scott County’s Vocational School.  Buying 1500 tickets in the past, with shipping, ran us right at $50.   This was much more affordable with our tiny budget.  I sold my first 70 to Laura Cash and Tracy Leonard.  Thanks ladies!    Oscar Harris, the Poor Valley Girls and I will be on WCYB at noon on Tuesday, April 22, and I’ll have this quilt with me as I”m going to ask the viewers to help me sell tickets in all 50 states.     I wonder if they’ll ask me to sing, too?  Ha ha !  Mt. Vernon also has a beautiful quilt made by Linda Nunley, but I do not have a picture of it.

Mendota Cemeter Quilt 3

Gerald Booher is President of the Mendota Cemetery Association and he’s been getting the food together.   There are a lot of details in putting together even a small benefit such as ours.   While we’re planning on grilling hotdogs, we’ll be serving food in the Mendota Community Center’s cafeteria.   I will need to make sure everyone knows to go into the cafeteria to see both Mendota and Mt. Vernon Cemetery Quilts and to purchase food.  I hope the smell of the hotdogs on the grill brings them down.  Today I made a…well...interesting…chalkboard to help direct them to the cafeteria.  Here’s some bits and pieces of it.

I Love Mendota

And…this is a true one. If you have a “boney” butt, bring yourself a cushion!

Seats are Hard

And finally…the disclaimer that we like to share with first timers to Poor Valley…


Thanks so much for reading RiverCliff Cottage, and I hope if you are reading this and live nearby, you’ll make the trip out to Mendota on Friday night.  Don’t dress up.  Come as you are.   The music is truly world class. (8)

Spring Window Chalkboard Project

I had to clean house this week.    The cleaning goes so much better if there’s a tiny project that I can look forward to in the middle of the boredom of cleaning the same old things again and again.   In a perfect world, we’d all clean each others houses because the cleaning would be more interesting.   I know…you clean mine first!    Actually,  I don’t mind cleaning house…I just would rather clean someone else’s house!

I wanted to do something for Spring in the foyer.   I’d meant to put a big bright vase of daffodils there, but the recent cold “snap” halted any of those plans.   They are now dingy, brown things, so I had to think of something else.  Something involving not getting in the car and going to town or spending any money.

I asked Mike to respray my old window so I’d have a fresh chalkboard surface.  I normally do this, but he’d accidentally messed it up so I thought he owed me one.     Here’s my project that motivated me to clean today.  It took all of about five minutes, but it was enough to nudge me to finish cleaning.   This is a no-talent project which works very well for me!

Spring NoTalent Chalkboard Window


I put it in the foyer.   Do you like it?   See that little sign on the mirror? I used Velcro tape to hang it and now I can’t get it down.


Spring Foyer


I also did a quick one in the kitchen. I didn’t use liquid chalk on this. I used plain old chalk, and it was a bit dusty but that’s okay. I’m just going to leave this up a few weeks. I put “April” at the bottom so that in “May” I’ll be reminded to put something else up. It’s fun to change out things.   I’d pinned one like this on Pinterest.    Mike came by and said “you must want something if you’re talking about me like that!”


Chalkboard Honey So Sweet


Hope you have a wonderful Easter.



Nordyke – Spring in Mendota

Luckie in the Truck

My sister, Nancy, commented “have you been on Nordyke since the redbuds have opened up?” I thought it was time to take a drive with the camera. Loaded my sidekick in the truck. It’s just not right living in the country without a truck and a dog. Look look! We almost have a new road […]

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Meeting With Jessica Fischer of the Kingsport Times News

Headstone 1

Today Oscar Harris and I met with Jessica Fischer of the Kingsport Times News since she is doing an article on our Dale Jett & Hello Stranger event that will be held on Friday, April 25.  If you are reading this, please try and come.    It’s at the Mendota Community Center, and it’s such […]

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The Bees Swarm! Again!

Bees on Tree 1

Today Gerald’s bees swarmed AGAIN!   A healthy queen may lay 2000 eggs per day, and it takes 16 days for the eggs to hatch.  The queen in his hive must be AWESOME, because this hive has swarmed not once but twice and he still has lots of bees!     Fortunately, he saw the […]

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A Bee-autiful Experience

John Rhoten

I thought this little outhouse was the perfect picture for this post, because we had bee problems this week and the word was Sh*t! Gerald (my brother-in-law) and I have three hives between us.  Last Sunday, two were very strong (one of his and one of mine) and one (mine) was weak–we suspected the queen […]

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All the Poop On Luckie Dog

This was a scary week for Mike and me as Luckie had anesthesia when having her teeth cleaned.  She was not eating properly due to a sore mouth.  No one wants a sore mouth, so Dr. Steve, who had been putting this off thinking that Luckie’s teeth might outlive her, scheduled the cleaning. Luckie is […]

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Brittany’s Baby Quilt

Delcan's Quilt

Do you remember our quilt retreat that we had a few months ago? I blogged about it here and here. At the end of the retreat, I was disappointed in my quilt. Everyone’s quilt looked better than mine. My “points” didn’t line up correctly and I had three puckered places. The picture below is how […]

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Abingdon Quilt Block Party

Quilt 1

If you love quilts (who doesn’t?) and you want to see some beautiful quilts, please go to Abingdon’s Quilt Block Party. There are about 20 businesses participating by displaying quilts. I went to Light’s Mill.   Love that place. I have two quilts in the party, but I wasn’t sure where they ended up. As […]

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The Sacred Mailbox


If you have been reading RiverCliff Cottage for a while, you have read about Mendota’s Barnrock Road project.   As the new road has evolved,  an old house has been torn down, driveways changed, a barn was torn down, valuable crop land was used, and so forth. However, there is one apparently sacred thing that […]

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